Delighting Customers with Data
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Delight as a marketing and data strategy may seem counterintuitive, given how hard numbers have been the coin of the realm, but several companies have proven its utility.

So where is data a delight? How can we increase the amount of delight our customers feel surrounding data exchange? Is this approach even practical to companies such as Snowflake and its customers?

Hear answers to these questions from Snowflake experts.
NTERSOL is an award winning, and Snowflake partner has helped hundreds of clients with data engineering and data quality challenges, built many custom applications, CRMs, and customer-facing platforms, and has long history in Banking and other areas of Financial Services.

NTERSOL helps Financial Services leaders rethink and reshape their operations for the digital age. We help our customers weave together our deep industry knowledge with unparalleled technical expertise, NTERSOL creates digital solutions that spark true digital transformation.

NTERSOLs Core Technical Capabilities are:

- Data Engineering, Data Visualization, & Analytics
- Custom Solutions
- Consumer / Enterprise Digital Experiences
- SAAS / PAAS Cloud Solution Design & Development
- DevOps / Cloud Infrastructure
- UX /UI Design Services
- Product Strategy
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