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RM Dayton Analytics focuses on leveraging Snowflake to provide better business outcomes. We align strategic and operational intelligence with Snowflake technology, so you can take action with relevancy.
Delighting Customers with Data
Thought Leadership Blog
Delight as a marketing and data strategy may seem counterintuitive, given how hard numbers have been the coin of the realm, but several companies have proven its utility.

So where is data a delight? How can we increase the amount of delight our customers feel surrounding data exchange? Is this approach even practical to companies such as Snowflake and its customers?

Hear answers to these questions from Snowflake experts.
Making Digital Happen
Real-time, customized experiences with predictive insights at the speed of thought are becoming the norm. Today, winners and losers are differentiated by their ability to thrive in uncertainty. So how do you bring digital to life? First step is, become unburdened by loosening the archaic corporate habits formed well back into the prior century. Assess where you are today on your digital maturity model, where you want to be, and the actions needed to get there. Mega-trends in technology are reshaping our world, creating unprecedented disruption. Reflecting on your tomorrow is a crucial part of your journey.
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