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Founded in 2014, the same year as Snowflake, RM Dayton Analytics is a professional services company transforming clients' business, operating and technology models for the digital era. As a Snowflake Partner, our mission is to help enterprises accelerate innovation by harnessing the power of the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. Our associates provide superior domain and technology expertise to drive business outcomes in a converging world. Our consultative approach helps our customers build more innovative and efficient businesses.
Processing Modern Data Pipelines
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This white paper describes the technical challenges that arise when building modern data pipelines and explains how Snowflake solves these challenges by automating performance with near-zero maintenance, including:
  • How Snowflake enables you to aggregate and transform data with capabilities such as micro-partitioning, pruning, materialized views, serverless ingestion, and more
  • How Snowpipe, Snowflake’s serverless ingestion service, automatically manages capacity for your data pipeline as data ingestion loads change over time
  • How Snowpark enables you to write code directly with Snowflake in a way that is deeply integrated into the languages you use most, using familiar concepts such as DataFrames
  • Learn more about the guiding principles of data pipeline modernization and how you can achieve performance, scalability, and efficiency for your modern data engineering and data science workloads.

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RMDA - Making Connectedness Happen
RM Dayton Analytics realizes that real-time, customized experiences with predictive insights at the speed of thought are becoming the norm. Today, winners and losers are differentiated by their ability to thrive in uncertainty. So how do you bring digital to life? First step is, become unburdened by loosening the archaic corporate habits formed well back into the prior century. Assess where you are today on your digital maturity model, where you want to be, and the actions needed to get there. Mega-trends in technology are reshaping our world, creating unprecedented disruption. Reflecting on your tomorrow is a crucial part of your journey.
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